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Jonathan Bullock MEP - Government could kill off fishing industry for good

22 March 2018

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My party has long been a staunch defender of our fishing industry.

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UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock has urged people to sign a petition backing the UK's fishing communities

22 November 2017

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Mr Bullock, MEP for Boston, backed his party's fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, who has blasted a decision by Theresa May's Conservative government to adopt the terms of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, (CFP), in the forthcoming Great Repeal Bill, saying the decision is "an utter betrayal of the principles of Brexit."
His comments came after Environment Minister, George Eustice told MP's that Britain would leave the CFP on leaving the EU, but the so-called Great Repeal Bill would carry over EU fisheries regulations.
Mr Bullock said: "How can anyone believe Brexit will be delivered, when such a fundamental issue has already been capitulated on?
"Our fishing industry - which, incidentally, could be worth a potential £6.3bn to the UK economy post-Brexit - is on its knees.
"This betrayal means we will have to blindly follow whatever terms Brussels dictates to us on fisheries.
"It's a 'soft Brexit,' when in reality fishing means skilled jobs, income into coastal communities and a provides a huge boost to the national economy. "
Mr Hookem has launched a petition - Stop the Common Fisheries Policy Being Adopted into UK Law Post-Brexit - and Mr Bullock has urged his constituents to sign it.
It states: 'We call on the Government to make the fishing industry a stand-alone entity, outside of the 'Great Repeal Bill,' after revelations that 'technical measures' of the Common Fisheries Policy, (CFP), will be adopted into UK law on our leaving the EU.'
Mr Bullock said: "More than 33,000 have already the petition. I would urge even more people to do so. It is crucial we in UKIP continue to fight for the Brexit the British people voted for."
The petition can be found here -

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