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Jonathan Bullock MEP - letter to the press on Nottinghamshire migration figures

14 March 2018

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To The Editor,
I read with interest a report in your newspaper, (Huge fall in number of EU citizens moving to Nottinghamshire since Brexit).
In it, you report that the number of adult EU nationals applying for a National Insurance Numbers, (NiNO), in the region has gone down since the UK voted to leave the European Union.
Further to that, you quote, Chris Leslie, Labour MP for Nottingham East, saying that since Brexit many European citizens are thinking twice about working in the UK and the NHS and local businesses are finding difficulty in recruiting.
There are three points I would like to make.
Firstly, this could be due to the weaker pound, making Sterling less attractive, rather than a 'Brexit effect'. Indeed, one might have thought there would be an increase in numbers as people anticipate later controls.
Secondly, after many years of high immigration, without any real control or consideration for its minus sides as well as its plus points, we all deserve a bit of a breather and allow those already here to properly integrate into society.
And lastly, a decline in the numbers coming to the region for work provides an opportunity for some fresh thinking. That may include more training for local workers in the region, greater participation in the economy by those under represented in it, (for example those taking early retirement), and it may also mean that in some jobs, employers will have to offer higher wages.
If so, this should be seen as good news for workers in Nottinghamshire.
Let us also remember that reports are showing Poland is doing well economically, and so people are less likely to leave their home towns and communities when well paid work is available to them locally.
Kind regards,
Jonathan Bullock, MEP for Nottinghamshire.


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