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Jonathan Bullock MEP - chuck Chequers

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 10 October 2018

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WE must chuck Chequers - that is the call from MEP Jonathan Bullock after it emerged the the EU Commission has decided to go after the UK for an alleged 2.9b Euro in 'missed' Customs duty bill.
Claims the UK owes the amount, including interest, have been denied by the British Government.
The issue was raised in a resolution late last night at 10pm in the European Parliament when the only British person able to defend the UK was UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock, who accused the EU of, "trying to fill the EU coffers before Brexit on trumped up charges."
However, of course, under Chequers we will still be responsible for collecting this money but with no one to defend us against such allegations in the European Parliament or Council.
Mr Bullock said: "This shows up the farce that the Chequers proposal is.
"You can imagine the sort of claims the EU will be making against the UK and there will be no one to defend us in the Parliament or Council.
"We will be picked on and crushed. The Government has to chuck Chequers now."


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