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Jonathan Bullock MEP - EU army cat is out of the bag

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 5 July 2018

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EAST Midlands MEP Jonathan Bullock has hit out at further proposals to create an EU army.

In a speech to the European Parliament in Strasboug on Monday, (July 2), Mr Bullock, East Midlands MEP, spoke out against the plans.

He said: "It was proposed that a 'European Defence Industrial Programme' be established with a 500 million Euro budget to acquire defence capabilities, fund research into defence technologies and promote joint purchase and maintenance of defence equipment.

"Amazingly some MEPs welcomed this so 'Europe can defend itself in the future'.

"Bu this is another step along the way to the creation of an EU army and defence capability. UKIP pointed this out in its referendum that the EU wants to set up this EU defence force.

"Indeed, it has now let the cat out of the bag - it's so Europe can defend itself in the future' The EU is going that way with one flag, one anthem and now it's going to have one army as well!

"This proposal should be firmly rejected."

You can see the video here - Speech

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