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Jonathan Bullock MEP - European Asylum Support Office is a waste of taxpayers' money

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 25 October 2018

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JONATHAN Bullock MEP has described the European Asylum Support Office as "an absolute waste of taxpayers' money."

In a speech to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, (October 23), the East Midlands MEP spoke on the debate whether to approve the accounts for the office based in Malta, which provides assistance for the arrival and processing of migrants.

This agency has a budget of about 70m Euros.

But Mr Bullock said: "However, OLAF, the anti-fraud body, is currently investigating several former and current members occupying middle or senior management positions, reportedly over a 'culture of irresponsibility' and 'bullying."

He said:

  • The executive director was released from his position and an interim appointed.

  • Irregular payments made by the Asylum Office for 2016 are estimated at more than 1.5 million Euros.

  • The Court of Auditors in 2017 found there was an inadequate or total lack of internal control and governance.

Mr Bullock added: "Recently the Asylum Office put out a tender worth 1.5m Euros for branded promotional items, merchandised garments and apparels.

"This tender included, Christmas cards, virtual reality glasses, car chargers, inflatable flight pillows, leather goods, crystal/glassware, gold/silver goods, ponchos, luggage and executive gifts for VIPs.

"This is an absolute waste of taxpayers' money and the Asylum Office clearly has little internal control over its spending.

"Asylum policy should be decided by independent sovereign countries in compliance with the Geneva Convention and not dictated or operated by unaccountable EU institutions. The open door policy that the EU has promoted has been a social, economic and humanitarian disaster."



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