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Jonathan Bullock MEP - Extension of Brexit leaving date a charade

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 27 February 2019

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JONATHAN Bullock MEP has said extending Brexit is a charade.

The East Midlands MEP reacted to the announcement from the Prime Minister that the March 29 leaving date could be pushed back.

He said: "Extending the leaving date beyond March 29 is a charade.

"The EU Parliament, which would need to vote through any deal, doesn't meet after April or before July because of the Euro elections.

"So how on earth can we propose pushing back Brexit by a few weeks?"

Mr Bullock said the will of the people was being pushed aside and the democratic process was being willfully ignored.

He said: "The British people voted for a Government which said it would hold a referendum, they then voted to leave and both main parties pledged to honour that vote.

"Now, more than two years on, the establishment is fighting to thwart and ultimately stop Brexit. This has grave consequences for our democracy."



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