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Jonathan Bullock MEP - letter on charging for wheelie bins

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 10 May 2018

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir,

I was somewhat perplexed by reports coming out of Market Harborough, (where, incdentally my office is based), that the council looks set to introduce charges for delivering wheelie-bins to new homes in order to save money.

These proposed delivery charges are expected to be £47.50 for a black bin and £45.41 for the blue-lid bin.

Market Harborough is a wonderful place to live and work in and such charges will not put off people moving into new homes but I do feel they must wonder why they are paying extra costs on top of their council tax.

All the extra homes mean extra council tax and extra money - there is no need to charge on top of that.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Bullock, MEP for Market Harborough



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