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Jonathan Bullock MEP - Public deserves more than groups shouting 'Nazi' at each other

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 11 January 2019

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JONATHAN Bullock MEP has said the British people deserve better than two groups of people accusing the other of being Nazis.

The East Midlands MEP spoke out after the incident involving Anna Soubry MEP and the subsequent media coverage.

He said: "There is a long history, even before Brexit, of protests at or around Parliament. Most MPs, at some stage will encounter a picket or demonstration where things they do not like are shouted at them.

"Indeed, Brexit campaigners are sadly, well used to such incidents. Nigel Farage MEP was barricaded in a pub for his own protection in Edinburgh in 2013, and was prevented from speaking in Northampton during the referendum campaign.

"These incidents provoked little or no concern about free speech or an alleged decline in British values of tolerance. The accusations Brexit supporters are racists, fascists or Nazis have been wearingly continuous during, before and after the referendum.

"Leavers have had nearly three years of this abuse!

"The British people voted to leave the EU, and both of the main parties were elected to this Parliament on manifestos to honour that result.

"Anna Soubry MP was happy to commit to that when she stood for election. If we wish to progress, we need to respect the referendum result, and move on from people shouting at one another."




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