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Jonathan Bullock MEP - Remove VAT from gas and electricity bills

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 1 November 2018

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SCRAP VAT on gas and electricity bills - that is the message to the Government from East Midlands MEP Jonathan Bullock.

Mr Bullock, who is also the UKIP spokesman on energy, said: "The Chancellor missed a big opportunity in his Budget.

"Here was a clear chance for him to listen to both consumers and to the energy suppliers and to scrap VAT on gas and electricity bills, which is an EU-imposed tax."

Mr Bullock pointed to a recent report from Energy UK, the trade body for energy suppliers, which made a submission to the Chancellor earlier this month, calling for the Government to remove VAT from gas and electricity bills after Brexit:

The report stated:

"The Government can further help customers by taking the opportunity of Brexit to remove VAT from energy bills and energy efficiency measures - and by tackling the inequality of social and environmental programme costs being levied on bills and taking no account of ability to pay - thus hitting the poorest hardest."

Mr Bullock said: "This is in UKIP's manifesto and it is a clear area where the consumer can benefit, post-Brexit.

"It was an empty net for the Chancellor in his Budget and he missed.

"It is time the Government listened to both consumers, and to energy the suppliers, who wish to see an end to this tax."


To read the Energy UK report visit


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