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Jonathan Bullock MEP - Trading and working with the rest Europe after Brexit is crucial

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 3 May 2018

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WORKING together and trading with the rest of Europe is crucial after the UK leaves the EU.

Jonathan Bullock, MEP for the East Midlands and UKIP's energy spokesman, said he was encouraged by statements coming out of the new Viking Link project.

The link is a proposal to build a high voltage direct current electricity converter between Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire and the sub-station Revsing in Jutlland, Denmark.

Mr Bullock said: "I feel quite positive reading the presention for the Viking Link.

"Indeed, it states, 'The outcome of the referendum does not influence the plans to build and operate Viking Link between the UK and Denmark.

"'We continue to believe there is a strong business case for Viking Link post-Brexit. We believe energy should be a priority as the Government begins negotiations on Britain's exit from the EU.

"This is encouraging, suggesting a mature attitude to trade, (in this case electricity), which is beneficial for both nations."

Mr Bullock said attitudes were different before the referendum - many 'experts' said Brexit would halt UK involvement in such developments, as it would have left the existing regulatory frameworks, and could not be part of any single EU energy market.

He said it appeared from recent trade articles on Viking Link that progress had stalled until the summer, due to queries about planning consent at the British end. The final investment decision has thus been delayed, although Boston Council supported the plan.

He said: "Trading and working with other European countries (be they EU members or not) is a must. Viking Link is clearly a project we should support. I hope Government will not stand in the way of this project."







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