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Jonathan Bullock MEP - UKIP energy spokesman

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 29 March 2018

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UKIP Leader Gerard Batten today appointed fourteen new Spokesmen to various positions in the party. Mr Batten also re-confirmed the regional leadership for London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

The UKIP Leader commented:"I am pleased to publish the list of my Spokespersons. Some names remain in place from the previous Leader, and there are some new ones. In particular David Moreland as the Home Affairs, Immigration, Police and Criminal Justice Spokesman. David is a former Metropolitan Police Officer who brings twenty years of first-hand experience to his new role.

"Professor Stephen Bush is my new Spokesman on Industry. Prof Bush is Emeritus Professor of Process Manufacture and Polymer Engineering at the University of Manchester and has a wide experience of working in industry.

"Professor Bush will in due course publish his proposals for how we can bring the manufacturing industry back to the UK, in particular to those parts of the UK that need industry and jobs to revitalise their local economies."

Below is a complete list of the UKIP Spokesman team:


Agriculture Stuart Agnew MEP
Animal Welfare Jane Collins MEP
Brexit Gerard Batten MEP
Education David Kurten AM
Energy Jonathan Bullock MEP
Families & Children Alan Craig
Fisheries Mike Hookem MEP
Foreign Affairs Ray Finch MEP
Health Dr Julia Reid MEP
Home Affairs Dave Moreland
International Trade Lord William Dartmouth MEP
Industry Prof. Stephen Bush
Small Business Ernie Warrender
Transport Jill Seymour MEP

Regional Leaders

London Peter Whittle AM
Northern Ireland Cllr David Jones
Scotland David Coburn MEP
Wales Neil Hamilton AM

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