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Jonathan Bullock MEP - University has to show balance over Gina Miller honorary degree

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 24 January 2019

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LEICESTERSHIRE MEP Jonathan Bullock has said De Montfort University has to show balance after it awarded political campaigner Gina Miller an honorary degree.

Mr Bullock has spoken after the businesswoman, who rose to national prominence when she took the Government to the Supreme Court in 2016 to challenge its right to invoke Article 50, was awarded the degree.

The university said: "Gina Miller believes in people, and in the people; she is a democrat, in the truest sense."

But Mr Bullock said: "Balance from De Montfort would be useful and maybe something similar should be awarded to, say, Gisela Stewart or Nigel Farage.

"It seems no part of our society worked harder to promote a 'remain' vote than the university sector.

"Many academics have still not come to terms with the democratic decision the people in the East Midlands, and the UK, clearly took in 2016 - to leave the European Union. The decision to award Gina Miller an honorary doctorate needs to be seen in that light.

"Part of the reason for this award was that Ms Miller stands up for her beliefs, and has been abused for them.

"It is good that she does. But prominent Leave campaigner Gisela Stewart came to Britain from overseas, receives disgusting abuse from political opponents and fights for democracy. Will she receive an honorary doctorate from De Montfort? Will Kate Hoey? Will Nigel Farage?

"If not, the suspicion emerges that Dr Montfort's appreciation of Ms Miller is because of her views on Brexit, and little else.

"Academics long ago identified that the EU suffers from a 'democratic deficit'. In rewarding those who want us to keep voting until their side wins, De Montfort University now seems to suffer the same problem.

"However, those, like Ms Miller, who call for a second referendum should be careful what they wish for. They have already lost the arguments once."


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