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Jonathan Bullock MEP - We must grasp control of our energy policies

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 22 November 2018

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JONATHAN Bullock MEP has slammed a European Court of Justice decision to block state aid to UK energy power plants.
He was reacting to the ruling against our own energy policies first adopted under the coalition government in 2014.
The ECJ has now ruled the European Commission was wrong to allow the UK government to subsidise power plants holding back-up supplies during the winter.
There will now be a standstill period while the government seeks the support of the European Commission to be allowed to give state aid to our energy sector.
He said: "This is a plainly ridiculous decision - while I don't expect supply will be affected, it is possible prices will rise as a consequence.
"As an MEP and UKIP's energy spokesman, I have several issues with this ruling.
"Firstly, energy policy should be a matter for the British government, and the companies operating in our domestic market. This is not a matter for external institutions, such as the European Commission or ECJ.
"Secondly, when we voted to leave the EU in June 2016, we voted to leave the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Here we are, more than two years later, and it is telling us how to heat our homes and businesses this winter. That is simply not acceptable.

"Thirdly. Theresa May promised the UK would leave the jurisdiction of the ECJ. It is not at all clear her proposed deal with the EU does that. If not, the likelihood is the ECJ will continue telling us how to run our energy industry.
"Finally, energy bills are high enough for many consumers, without them being potentially increased by the actions of the ECJ."

Mr Bullock said the government needs to be more responsive to the needs of both the energy industry and energy consumers.
He said: "It is clear that can only happen with a full, clean Brexit. Sadly the Prime Minister, despite her manifesto commitments, appears incapable of delivering this.
"We are paying more on our fuel bills because of the EU's requirement for VAT to be levied, and now we face interference with our energy strategy going into the coldest part of the year."

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