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Jonathan Bullock MEP - we need a coherent approach to the energy needs of this country

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 3 May 2018

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I have long argued for a coherent approach to the energy needs of this country.

We badly need a balanced energy approach using methods which are competitive and work with industry, not against it.

Indeed, heavy industry including the cement, steel, aluminium and chemical sectors are moving factories and jobs out of the EU leading to a 'leakage' of CO2 emissions without environmental benefits. In Britain, there is an over-dependence on expensive and intermittent renewables, forcing up energy prices.

It is with interest - bearing all that in mind - that during the recent cold snap, energy companies had to revert to an extent, to using coal!

Reports showed that coal generation surged for the weeks surrounding the cold spell - rising gas prices made it more economical to burn than gas.



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