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Jonathan Bullock MEP - We said all along HS2 was a white elephant

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 19 September 2018

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JONATHAN Bullock MEP has said politicians from other parties are at last starting to follow UKIP's lead on HS2.

Mr Bullock said his party had long argued against the £56b high speed rail project.

And with most people now wanting the project scrapped and fearing the cost to the tax-payer, politicians from other parties are now agreeing.

Mr Bullock, MEP for the East Midlands, said: "UKIP has long since opposed HS2 and has strongly urged the Government to spend money on improving our rail and road links elsewhere.

"HS2 is flawed and is a waste of money - particularly when the Government is trying to free up funds - it is a pure vanity project.

"The Government is still insisting HS2 will be delivered on time - it would be preferable to stop this madness and improve our rail and transport networks in much more useful and sensible ways.

"We should scrap HS2 - UKIP was right all along. We identified this as a white elephant, and now other parties are now coming over to our way of thinking. The Government should spend money on a wide variety of projects, road and rail, rather than to throw good money after bad.

"There is even a case to diverting some money to sorting out potholes for instance, which are a blight on our local roads up and down the country."

Mr Bullock was speaking after Boris Johnson came out against HS2 and Tory back-bencher Sir Bill Cash branded it a 'dying white elephant' in a debate in Westminster.

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