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Jonathan Bullock MEP - What we need is a balanced approach to energy needs

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 29 August 2018

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I read with interest reports that EU carbon prices - the amount which must be paid for the right to emit one ton of CO2 into the atmosphere - could average up to 40 Euros a tonne from next year to 2023.

This accelerated rise anticipates an EU-wide reduction of carbon allowances, as putting a price on carbon is becoming increasingly common within corporations and governments as a reaction to climate change.

What we need is a balanced approach to energy needs. The EU Commission wants further help from member states in meeting energy and climate targets - but what damage is being done trying to meet these artificial targets?

The continued imposition by the commission of never-ending objectives for emissions reductions is forcing the investment of vast amounts of money for activity which will have little or no effect on the climate. Global CO2emissions will probably keep rising, unaffected by these measures.

These policies are leading to a massive exit of industry and investment from EU countries to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards and could, ultimately, increase emissions of CO2.

Heavy industry including the cement, steel, aluminium and chemical sectors are moving factories and jobs out of the EU leading to a 'leakage' of CO2 emissions without environmental benefits.

In Britain an over-dependence on expensive and intermittent renewables has forced up energy prices. A study by Professor Dieter Helm from Oxford University revealed green taxes will cost the average household almost £150 from next year.

Balance is needed to help stop plunging people into fuel poverty.


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