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Jonathan Bullock MEP - wine production in the East Midlands is alive and well

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 17 May 2018

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WINE production in the East Midlands is alive and well and the region's MEP Jonathan Bullock said the forthcoming English Wine Week is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the industry.

Mr Bullock, said English Wine Week, which starts on Saturday, May 26, is a chance to celebrate wine production in the East Midlands.

Mr Bullock said: "Only about five per cent of English wine is exported, so clear marketing opportunities exist in the future, post-Brexit."

He said there were more than 20 vineyards in this region alone and added: "The domination of the industry by producers in France or the Commonwealth perhaps ensures this is a rather niche market, but it is one we can all support.

"And, of course, once we are free of the EU and its rules and regulations, trading opportunities with the rest of the world will be opened up.

"We must debunk the myth that a country has to be a in political union to trade with it - once we exit the EU there will be many opportunities for free trade.

"Judging by the healthy state of vineyards in this region and beyond, our wine producers can help can take advantage of those posibilities."


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