Jonathan warns of a 'fake' Brexit in his first statement as an MEP

"I'm delighted to take over from Roger Helmer, who can justly claim to have played an important role in bringing about the referendum on the EU and the victory that followed."

"It is now vital that we have a smooth, and genuine, Brexit that can quickly bring in sensible immigration controls and provide a low tax environment to allow us to compete on the world stage and expand our global markets. However, it is clear that this is not what Philip Hammond and some other cabinet members wish for."

"What is worse, is that the talk of a transition of up to three years has given 'remainers' a chance to regroup and start questioning whether Brexit will now actually happen at all. Many are no longer even bothering to pay lip service to the mantra that what the country allegedly voted for was a 'soft Brexit'. Instead they are trying to ignore the Brexit vote and slide straight into a 'fake Brexit', which really means no Brexit at all. This has caused further uncertainty for business and both uncertainty and disillusionment in the country in general. Indeed talking up a transition means that our negotiating position to the EU of 'no deal is better than a bad deal' will not be taken seriously."

"The EU has scented weakness and disunity. They will take advantage of the fact that many remainers are working to undermine Brexit rather than to secure and protect the future of our country after Brexit. Our country had the courage, self-belief and grit to vote for Brexit, our elected representatives should honour this by demonstrating the same courage, belief and sheer grit to deliver on it."

"Our trade with the US and the rest of the world is growing. Rather than undermining the efforts of people like Liam Fox to expand our global reach, the recalcitrant remainers, and all politicians, should be talking us up as a country, not talking us down."

"At the same time as lining up to talk about a so-called "transition", the Conservatives appear to also be moving back to the Cameron days of an obsession with fringe identity politics to try and keep seats in London; massive expenditure on dubious projects such as HS2 and billions spent on overseas aid - all on borrowed money, whilst we can't seem to afford to train more nurses and doctors, adequately fund our schools and military and give our old people the security they deserve. All of this could well let Corbyn in, and potentially relatively soon."

"UKIP may have had a tough year, but we are an insurgent party and, if the same conditions repeat themselves, we will recover our lost ground. I look forward to hearing what the UKIP leadership candidates say over the coming weeks. Above all, however, I am committed to working hard in my new role to represent the UK and to champion a clean, and genuine, Brexit with no cost to the British taxpayer."

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