Speech Jonathan Bullock - Conference speech 2018

Speech Jonathan Bullock - Conference speech 2018


Good afternoon conference.

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to serve for over a year now as an MEP representing the East Midlands, after taking over from Roger Helmer.

It is also a honour to be able to represent UKIP, the party of Brexit. The one party that we can all say, without any shadow of doubt, truly believes in Britain.

I want to take this opportunity to say what a political giant I have followed - Roger Helmer is held in high regard by this party, and his wisdom and authority is certainly missed in the European Parliament. At least, it is missed by independent minded, freedom valuing, democrats. I cannot speak for Mr Junker and Mr Barnier, nor for their supporters in the ranks even of our own political parties.

The East Midlands voted to leave the EU, but you wouldn't know it from listening to some of the region's MPs.

  • Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry, is in a state of denial, and now wants a second referendum - because she lost the first.

  • Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan, has betrayed her constituents by being elected on a Conservative manifesto to leave the customs union, but now she campaigns to stay in it - even sharing a platform with Nick Clegg and David Miliband to promote this betrayal of the vote of the British people.

  • And finally, we have Ken Clarke in Rushcliffe - maybe a nice bloke to have a pint with, but with economically dangerous views - he would have had us join the Euro! Not a person whose advice it would be safe to take.

Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan and Ken Clarke - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know! To paraphrase what was once said, with good reason, about the East Midland's most famous poet, Lord Byron.

Conference, I was delighted to be re-appointed by Gerard to be Energy spokesman for UKIP. I also serve on the Industry and Energy Committee in the European Parliament. I have seen first hand the damage being done by the never ending legislation that imposes ever increasing laws on member states in order to try and achieve CO2 emission cuts.

In energy law, as with all other aspects of the EU, there is no such thing as the status quo. The mechanism to create the European superstate never stops. Ever closer union is the mantra, and ever increasing laws affecting every aspect of daily life, and daily economic life, is the primary way it seeks to achieve it.

Have you noticed since the Brexit vote, how little we hear in the mainstream media about the new laws that are being imposed by the EU? I'm sure that we can all hazard a guess as to the reason for this. It does not sit well with an agenda that seeks to overturn the vote of the British people either by a BRINO (Brexit in Name Only) or by a second referendum.

The EU accounts for only 12% of global emissions - and Britain a mere 2% - whilst China and India are busy building new coal-fired power stations. Britain, and the EU, by chasing CO2 emissions targets are self harming our ability to trade as a global player in the world.

The EU, through its Emissions Trading scheme, is having a devastating effect on energy prices and on industrial competitiveness in Europe. Across several energy intensive industries, such as steel, aluminium, chemicals, glass and cement, the EU is forcing plant closures and driving jobs and investments out of Europe. There is no shortage of other nations queuing up to fill the vacuum.

These energy intensive businesses often go to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards. Thereby causing higher emissions of CO2 than if production had stayed in the EU. Put simply, the EU is cutting off its nose despite its face! It is creating emissions reductions by exporting emissions creation, while at the same time damaging our own industries, employment, competitiveness and growth.

In the UK we need a mix of energy sources, including conventional, nuclear and renewables, where genuinely competitive. We need to scrap the Climate Change Act, which requires the UK to achieve annual decarbonisation rates of over 5% - a figure no country in the world is likely to achieve.

The total cost of this legislation has been calculated at an eye-watering £720 billion pounds over a period of 40 years. Clearly subsidies of wind farms and solar voltaic arrays need to end. Indeed, it was reported in May this year that Energy bill payers will have to stump up an extra £1.5 billion pounds for their energy over the next 15 years under the latest Government auction for low-carbon generation.

This is above the £150 that the average householder already pays, extra, each year, because of green taxes. Professor Dieter Helm of Oxford University last year said that ministers had made a series of spectacularly bad decisions which have unnecessarily burdened households and businesses with higher green taxes. I think that we can all say that we have personal experience of this as householders.

However, Brexit will give us opportunities in energy policy, as in every other aspect of national life. We have the opportunity not only to move away from the divisive EU policies on energy which are putting jobs at risk - but also the opportunity to remove VAT from domestic fuel and help millions of people at a single stroke.

These opportunities can only be delivered by a party that believes in Brexit, believes in realistic energy policies and believes in Britain.

That party is UKIP, and our time has come to go out and speak with the voice of commonsense to the British people.





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