Speech on clean energy

Speech on clean energy


Jonathan Bullock - Plenary - January 2018


Mr President,


All reports on the EU Clean Energy plan are focused on two sole objectives: decarbonise Europe's economy and fighting climate change.


The Rapporteurs propose to decarbonise the economy by 2050 by building a new EU legal framework that would achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.


The entire world knows it is pure illusion to believe that these objectives will help Europe's energy independence by enhancing energy security and energy supply whilst increasing job opportunities.


In fact, intermittent renewable energy sources (like wind power) are unreliable: they create temporary, "green" jobs.


A study by Spanish Professor Gabriel Calzada of the Juan Carlos University shows that every green job created cost 2.2 real jobs in the real economy. This happens by diverting resources from efficient industries into hugely inefficient "green" projects, and by raising the cost of electricity for the rest of the economy. Many of the green jobs were temporary and in almost every case, the subsidy necessary to create a green job greatly exceeded the annual salary.


The reports state several times that the Energy Union needs to finally acknowledge the challenges of global warming and establish a strong governance system to deliver its commitment under the Paris Agreement.


What I believe the EU should acknowledge, is that the European Commission continues imposing never-ending objectives for emissions reductions. EU policies are forcing the investment of vast amount of money for activity that will have little or no effect on climate.


Independence and freedom towards absurd targets unilaterally set by the unelected EU Commission will allow Britain to re-join the world and enhance liberty whilst protecting the environment.






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